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    koth_data_base - Simple and Very Basic indoor map.

    The mercs are set in a faculty with forts of their own.

    An indoor map with the Spytech theme. I had to use references like cp_junction for aesthetics and cp_vanguard for the compartment at middle. The layout being very simple and small made it easy for me to follow up as I am a beginner.


    Middle (red view)

    Red Side

    Red Lower


    Blu Connector

    Blu Spawn

    Blu Lower

    Blu Alternate Route

    Blu Connector to Middle

    Blu Alternate Route to Red Connector

    Blu Battlements

    Red Battlements

    • (Both Battlement Rooms with the faded computer of their opposite color code are not solid for fun and a reference to a not solid computer prop in Junction) *Always used it to hide :p

    What I think I should improve on:

    -Add more props around the map, Middle
    -More Details for the map
    -Lighting Placement
    -How the map and layout plays out
    -Too fast to get to middle,i ts a small map and bots run down middle with an endless spam of rockets.

    I did this as a hobby and something for fun so that I can get into mapping more. I do look foward in improving it, making it better and having fun with it. This is my first ever map that I would share so feel free to leave some positive and informative feedback. Thanks and gl further ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.