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    This is my first upload to TF2maps.net, it is of what my friends say is my best map. It is a symmetrical koth map with the point in the middle of a large tower in the center of the map. There are six ways in, four doors that move in sync, on the four sides of the tower, and two on the second floor, which can be accessed by going up the lifts (from the trench) at the sides of the map. The trench (or moat) goes around the tower, with some very shallow water in the bottom, there is a tunnel that goes under the tower, which has health and ammo available. There are two exits to the spawns, one going directly out towards the center, and another one by going down some steps and out into the trench. As of now, engineers can build anywhere (there are no func_nobuilds).

    I hope you enjoy it :)
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    The map is probably too small and cramped for normal pub gameplay.

    Try making it larger, map some sidepath and so forth
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    Half-Life textures are a big no-no.
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    No hl2 textures, really long sightlines in some spots, and you should definitely make some spots larger. Also, the post number reads 13337 :p
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    oh god the textures

    that cave doesn't really look like a cave..this is NOT beta

    I feel like I would play this in CSS, but not TF2.

    edit: holy crap I second the above post about the 13337 thing
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    1) It's very open. Make it tighter please.

    2) HL2 textures should never (with a few exceptions) be used in TF2.

    3) Either you mirrored your screenshots or you flipped the RED and BLU signs; fix them either way.

    4) Remove your viewmodel when taking pictures: type r_drawviewmodel 0 in the console.
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    Make this map good. I will continually bump the 1337 thread until it is!
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    I had a quick play around in it and I've got a few tips to improve this map, and your future ones.

    1. A BIG no, no. Don't use HL2 textures (most of the time anyway). When in the texture search box, type "TF" into the keywords and only textures from tf2 will appear.

    2. Create displacements on the cliffs, if you don't know how, here's one by Youme and one on the Valve developer community site

    3. Place some more props and objects like that around the place to cut off sightlines and make your map more interesting

    4. Make it a bit bigger, a map isn't that much fun when you have to walk 10 meters from your spawn to get to the control point

    5. Get rid of the lifts and replace them with something else a little less confusing, maybe a large staircase, or make it clear it's a lift, I first thought that it was water you had to swim up!!!

    6. SIGNS!!! no matter how simple your map is, you need signs to tell players where things are

    7. The skybox is weird. Instead of the fall, player clip off the sides

    8. The button activating the doors up the top isn't really that necessary, buttons arn't really used in TF2.

    9. when you open one door down the bottom, all of them open

    10. I know it's in beta, but it might be a good idea to put in a bit more detail into your map

    I don't know how it works out in regards to more than 1 player, who knows it might be pretty good with long sightlines and weird lifts. But please understand, I'm not trying to put you down, just offering you some constructive criticism. If you need any help understanding what to put into your maps, look at some of the work Valve and other people on TF2maps.net have done.

    EDIT: oh yeah, and build your cubemaps
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    Thanks for all the input guys, I'll probably make another version with no hl2 textures, signs, and add cubemaps (as for the cubemaps, I originally had one in, but got errors everywhere, which is probably because of the hl2 textures :)). My problem is, I enjoy hammer for the technical side of it, I make really small maps full of traps, doors and lifts. But with your tips, I should be able to get going with some proper maps, I've got one at the moment that is loosely based on koth_oilfield (from the big king map pack), which has lots of props, and 2fort style spawn rooms, but again, I'll need to get rid of the hl2 textures. I think the reason I didn't notice these were a problem is because the only place I play my maps with other people is on my own private server, where all of my friends have TF2. I think I need to be less lazy with my maps :D

    So thanks again, I might upload some new maps in the future with your help acknowledged.