KOTH Waterisle 2019-08-05

Fight over an island surrounded by water Koth style.

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    KOTH Waterisle - Fight over an island surrounded by water Koth style.

    This was cuttin' it close...
    Me and a couple of friends decided to make a map with a summer theme and we came up with a map centered around a remote island with a slight village appeal, as the first map I've ever released I proud to say it I think it actually pulls off that effect to some avail.

    With Red and Blu teams boarding off boats and storming up the walkways to reach the island who will claim it? The teams must utilize buildings and trees as cover as they traverse the island terrain and beware of the water for what pyro-sharks may lurk below.

    Contributors include:
    Officer Fat
    Co-Design, Playtesting, and overall helpfulness

    Playtesting, and server hosting

    If you enjoy the map or have any helpful constructive criticism, feel free to comment below! Please keep in mind however that this is my first map and that it may not be up to the quality of others submitted, thanks!
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