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    Is it possible to say have three points, the middle being the main point but the other points be enemy cap points for the opposing teams with the owners cap towards the main point be doubled?

    If I am not being clear enough please tell me, i'll lighten it up.
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    Not sure what you mean exactly, but anyway, it wouldn't work well. koth works like that : basically it allows one team to win when its timer reaches 0. This is not an automatic victory, it just unlocks the default win condition, which is : ownership of ALL control points. So if you have more than one point in the map and they're not all owned when the timer reaches 0, you'll go in overtime.
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    I have no idea if he's asking for is possible, but, you can have more than one point but still have a koth-like timer, just look at Push_Thunderclap: it's three cp and you win by either holding the middle point for 4 minutes or by controlling all three points.

    I think what he wants is a way to either decrease the amount of time on the timer when all three points are held, or, somehow speed the timer up when that happens. So, you either control mid for 3 min, or you cap their first point and the timer decreases by like a min for as long as you hold all three points, or you trigger it so the 3 min timer counts down twice as fast when all three points are held.
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    the set of game modes that are possible to create with the set of entities we're given is far larger than the set of game modes that are actually good