Kill Entity class? Is this possible?

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    I was searching for information about this online but had a difficult time coming to a proper conclusion.

    Im trying to find out if its possible to kill an entire class of entities with the output of a logic_timer or logic_relay saying so. For instance, OnTimer > ~~trigger_multiple~~ > Kill would kill ALL trigger_multiples in the map. Similar to how the !player and !activator targetting is used as well as the wildcards with the @ or * symbol.

    I have an issue occurring in my map which I cant trace the source of for some reason. Every hour or so a flaregun particle appears in the map. My map is extremely complex with a lot of dynamic elements in it so its very hard to see what is causing this exactly.. The particles stay there are are not removed automatically and slowly build up and move the server closer and closer to an edict overflow which crashes the server.

    Here is a picture of what is going on:

    After doing some investigating I found that the particles are not info_particle_systems but infact are env_spritetrail's. So id like to try and set up a timer that fires hourly that kills all env_spritetrails in the map. Is this even possible to do in the editor or would I need to employ outside plugins to do this work? Any help is appreciated! Thanks
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    Are you parenting the sprite trails to players? If so, you must be giving them a targetname, right? And spawning them using a point_template? If so, you could issue a kill output from a logic_timer to targetname* (replace with the targetname of the sprite entity), where the asterisk would cover the incremental numbers of each trail as it spawns if you have name preservation disabled in the point_template.

    Alternatively set your server's map time to 60 minutes?
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