PL Juniper a2


Feb 5, 2016
removing a1/a1a downloads after a1_fix as they for some odd reason lead to a crash (which is yet to be found as of now as the compile log is obvilous to any)


Feb 5, 2016
Juniper - A2 Changelog

-changed skybox to sky_island_01 for a more suitable setting
-changed detail sprites from sawmill to trainyard
-changing texture scheme for clarity and appearance
-changed all track pieces to red over the old blu skin
-removed unnecessary stair covers on old stairs
-on forward spawn change, any players inside their former spawnrooms will be now teleported to their next spawnroom instead of being trapped inside
-rechecked all old and new pickup locations and balanced their size approtiately
-refurbished BLU spawn main spawn, also changed spawn detail to blue
-removed one way exit for blu, as it gave them a strong disadvantage than expected
-former one way exit route revamped to block blu spawnpoints from spam alongside opening up the roof and lowering the divider
-relocated A inside the building between A and B from the exterior close to BLU spawn
-tidied the hallway on the side of A on BLU's side of the level to make it more compact by having all of the side entrances on the same angle, this also counters projectile classes from engaging others indoors from a tiny angle
-fixed floating crate
-filled unnecessary gap next to the floating crate
-BLU spawn wave time reduced by 4 seconds after capturing A
-RED forward spawn, between A and B, this will be active for RED until A is captured after which their spawn moves
-BLU unlocks a shortcut from spawn to B after A has been captured, to reduce the high distance from spawn to B
-removed one of the pipes near BLU spawn as it conflicts with the new shortcut interior
-to accomppany A's recolation, B is moved further on the path
-fixed displacement sew gap on former C
-removed one of the pipes crossing B gate (former C), leaving a single pipeline crossing the fencing
-BLU forward spawn using the RED forward spawn A after capturing B
-RED forward spawn moves here after losing A
-Alongside the rest of the points, C's new location is inside old D/Final
-Refurbished old D/Final alongside brand new layout added for C
-Removed roof to let it some fresh air
-Entirely new final area made from scratch
-RED's final spawn is available after RED loses B
-Added bent rails to end of tracks

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