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    I was researching game types of other multiplayer video games and was trying to think of something both new to TF2 and something that would work well with current game types, and I've decided to give jb (jailbreak) an attempt.

    It will essentially be based off of king of the hill game type, but with changes in things like spawn locations, and how players interact after respawning. So with that in mind it can be considered a fusion of both koth and arena. A simple map type layouy would look like this:

    Blu Spawn - Blu Jain - CP - Red Jail - Red Spawn

    The rules of a jailbreak map would work as such:

    1.) Capture and hold the center CP for a given amount of time to win (koth).
    2.) Players will respawn as normal from their spawns until the central CP is captured.
    3.) Opposing teams who do not own the central CP will spawn in a Jail area, where they are permitted to watch the center point (arena).
    4.) At any time, if the central CP is recaptured by the other team, all members of that team in a jail area will be freed (jailbreak).
    5.) If all players of one team are jailed, the round ends and the opposing team wins.

    Modifiers, for balance, etc:

    1. A team that owns the central CP will have a reduced respawn time. This will allow for players of the opposing team to stand a chance of recapturing the central CP while most of their teammates are in the jail area.

    2. The central CP will have a capture time of 5-10 seconds. This short capture time is needed for players with significantly reduced numbers to stand a chance of capturing this point to free their jailed members.

    Furthermore, I expect the rounds to play just like arena maps--where when players are eliminated they do not return, or to play like koth maps, where constant recapturing of the central CP and freeing of jailed players will extend rounds to a maximum of 6 minutes (koth standard 3 minutes per team). I believe this dynamic ability of the game type will prove to be interesting and fun and have results that differ from round to round.

    Having a jail area that overlooks the central control point will allow for a spectator effect, where players in the jail area will be able to assist their teammates by using voice chat or text to warn of approaching danger or simply to say "free us!".

    I will be posting development images when they are ready, I have not already started the layout or the game type mechanic, but I feel it's needed to sufficiently discuss/explain the gametype and hear feedback about it's potentials.
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    I think it's an excellent idea, but will it scramble the teams after x consecutive wins?
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    Have you seen the sourcemod Jailbreak?
    They might be interested in your mapping skills...
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    Is there anything to see yet?
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    No, I haven't...might be interesting to get into. But from the looks of it, and watching the trailer for it, I have no idea what kinds of gametypes there are, all I see is deathmatch and novelty.

    And no there's nothing physical yet about this project to take a look at.
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