I've written a tool to find critical map errors

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Spiritual preprocessor
Dec 19, 2015
A bit of a while ago I've made a small console program to find some of the map errors that 1) fail to compile completely 2) are hard to find. I've put up a WiP in WiP post, spent a week doing nothing but contemplating I swear and finally I think I should post it.

The top priorities were entity displacements and wrong materials on displacements, which I definitely know can be very hard to find.
As of now implemented is reporting those two as well as power 4 disps, because that was kind of easy to implement as soon as the parsing was down.

There are numerous command line options, mainly for disabling certain reports.

There is a text file which lists textures that get reported if they're found on displacements. You can add to that.

A screenshot demonstrating the help text and some errors getting absolutely denied in their attempts to hinder a mapper's performance:

(Nevermind the second file, it's an unfinished feature, those error's won't get reported and that file isn't needed)

A download should be attached, I'm not quite sure how that stuff works.


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