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    Has ItemAttributes always been available for popfiles or is this new with the release?

    I've used CharacterAttributes several times to add damage and effects to weapons. But it always applied it to all items which is annoying.

    // -- These attributes must attached to a weapon using ItemAttributes and then ItemName --
    // "Blast radius decreased"
    // "Reload time decreased"
    // "airblast pushback scale"
    // "arrow mastery"
    // "attack projectiles"
    // "bullets per shot bonus"
    // "clip size bonus"
    // "clip size penalty"
    // "clip size upgrade atomic"
    // "cloak consume rate increased"
    // "critboost on kill"
    // "damage bonus"
    // "damage causes airblast"
    // "damage penalty"
    // "effect bar recharge rate increased"
    // "faster reload rate"
    // "fire rate bonus"
    // "fire rate penalty"
    // "flame life bonus"
    // (not sure about this one -- can't even find where it gets used at a glance) "multiple sentries"
    // "projectile penetration"
    // "projectile spread angle penalty"
    // "scattergun knockback mult"
    // "uber duration bonus"
    // "ubercharge rate bonus"
    // "use large smoke explosion"
    // ----------------------------------------------------
    		Class Pyro
    		Name "Pyro Pusher"
    		Skill Expert
    		ClassIcon pyro_flare
    		Item "The Scorch Shot"
    		WeaponRestrictions SecondaryOnly
    		Attributes AlwaysCrit
    			ItemName "The Scorch Shot"
    			"damage bonus"	1
    			"fire rate bonus" 0.75
    			"faster reload rate" 1.25		
    			"Projectile speed increased" 0.35