It crashes on boot

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    whenever I try to use the map I'm working on as of now, TF2 will crash. Can someone explain to me why this is? I need serious help with this...
    This is what comes up when I click "Run Map"
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    1; your map is leaked. You never want this, ever as it can mess up your map substantially. To fix leaks, copy the coordinates it gives you in the log, go into view > go to coordinates then paste them there. Next go into map > load pointfile and a red line will appear. This red line will travel from an entity into the void. To fix the leaks, you need to patch up all holes into the void that your map has.

    if that does not resolve it. You likely have broken logic. If this is the case you will have to go through all the logic (i/o stuff) in your map and look for anything that is broken / shouldnt work. That should stop any crashing you have.