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    hello, i have been using hammer for the past weeks, following tutorials from this website, i only have a proble, its that when i put a prop like a static sniper model prop or the dynamic ressuply cabinet prop, it wont show when i run the map, i put a static cactus, that showed but the cabinet and sniper didnt show on my map, please help me!
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    The resupply cabinet needs to be prop_dynamic, as well as any player/weapon models. The cactus is a normal prop_static, that's why it showed up. Which kind of prop to use is a matter of what the modeller designed it for; each prop has a hardcoded type to it, like weapons and playermodels are dynamic, and windows and rooves are static.
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    To see what kind of props a model can be, open the second tab from the right in the model browser.