info_player_teamspawn enabling and disabling problem

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    I hope somebody can help, because searching the net or this forum didn't help, unfortunately.

    Here's what I want to do.

    Round A:
    I have 16 info_player_teamspawn for the BLU team and 16 for the RED team. They spawn, they fight happily. Then BLU wins.

    Round B:
    The BLU spawn from the RED team's SpawnPoints, and the RED use newly enabled SP's, somewhere else on the map.

    - No control points are associated with any SP for what I want to do.
    - When BLU wins, the map doesn't reset and teams aren't switched.

    Prob is, that doesn't work. The spawning switch part.

    I tried disabling the BLU team's Round A SP's at the end of Round A, but they still spawn from them at Round B. And enabling the new set of SP's for RED doesn't seems to work either because they spawn at Round A's location.

    I also tried to use an invisible Cap point, associate it to the RED spawn points and Set the Owner to the BLU team once they win... still no spawn switch.

    Is what I try to do impossible? :)
    Where the enabling/disabling functions broken recently for SP's?
    How to make sure my Round B actually works. I just copied Round A, renamed it and changed a few of it's properties and set the priority something lower than Round A's. There's no place I need to enter its name for it to be accounted? Right?

    Help is credit to me! :eek:hmy:
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    Is what you are trying to do similar to what happens in, say, Dustbowl?
    i.e. in the 2nd round the Blu team uses the spawn that Red team used in the 1st round?

    [ame=""]ABS' Gametype Library[/ame] has a Dustbowl like setup that switches spawns depending on the round being played. If you haven't looked at how he did that, it would be worth your while.
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