Inconsistent Win Triggers?

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    So I've been making a map, pl_yahoo. Designed for 4v4 play, I've popped it around to a few competitive players. It is a 2-capture point, 1-stage payload map, similar to cp_gorge in its concept. I did this by editing the ABS prefab pack for 3-stage 2-cp.

    However, I've been facing a few problems. Namely, the disparity between the map's functionality on local and external servers. The main issue being that the game does not trigger the win sequence when being run on an external server.

    Lets say that I want to try the map myself. I download the map, pop "map pl_yahoo" into console, and run it. I work though the map, push the bombcart through without anybody else around, and cap the final point. It triggers a win sequence, I get crits, the other team would face humiliation, teams would switch after a few seconds of this.

    Now say I want to test it with a friend. So, he has a server, and puts the map on there. We run the map exactly the same, except, when we capture the point, the humiliation round is not triggered. The only difference I can find so far is that one server is local and the other is external.

    I have had a friend (non-mapper) compile the map with my walkthrough of the process through hammer with the .vmf. It has worked then. However, when he has gone on a server run by a friend, it has not.

    I haven't the slightest clue as to what is happening. So, I pose the question to the community: What is my problem?

    Please post questions in comments if you have any. I will update the main post with new information as I answer questions.
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    With the humiliation phase. Do you mean you still get to walk around but cant kill but it still switches teams the proper way? If so read on. If it doesnt finish the round at all read a bit further near the #2

    As i think both of those are server settings and the map itself cant enforce this.

    From a quick google i already came to these cvars which affect the humilation time:
    mp_bonusroundtime - Time after round win until round restarts.
    mp_stalemate_timelimit - Timelimit (in seconds) of the stalemate round. (I seriously doubt this is it.)
    mp_enableroundwaittime - Enable timers to wait between rounds.

    You could even try to type in 'find humiliation' to find cvars which contain humiliation inside the cvar itself or somewhere in its description.

    However, if it doesnt even trigger the teamchange at all its very likely something else and most likely a fault in the entity work.
    Did you use a round entity next to the master? And do those restrict a team from winning (only the defending team may not be a winner).
    Are you sure all the cps are captured, or does it just pass the midpoint without capping?

    That it works localy but not in the server very like means something is missing in the entity work. You might want to check the badwater decompile and compare the entity work to that. Its very easy to forget an important step. Where with a local start everything might get set up properly, while on a server some of the triggers arent fired (or fired while they shouldnt).

    If even that doesnt work it again could be usefull to ask a fellow mapper to look into the entity work. Everyone can make mistakes, and to find your own can be very hard to do (especialy if you never designed a map on such gamemode).
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    It doesn't even trigger team change. It is: I push the cart into the last point. A console message goes out saying I capped it. The cart becomes non-solid. Then I run around like normal, nothing is different except the non-solid cart and the message in console.

    Yes. I have a round as taken from the ABS pack. It restricts RED from winning.

    Compared with Egan, though he doesn't know the gametype well. Also gave it to a mapper named Hans and to Crash. No problems have been found. (Also gave it to Aly who looked through the spawns, and found the issue) I'm hoping ABoojumSnark himself finds the thread. Paging ABoojumSnark! You are needed!