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    I'm having a pretty weird problem placing lights near the "lamp002.mdl" model. The lights themselves work near another model but when I shift+drag them out to clone them to the other models, they render weirdly. The light is visible on a prop_static but not on the brush wall or on the displacement ground. In one example (not shown in picture) the only place the light works is just behind the lamppost where there should be shadow.

    Example here (with normal vis and rad compile)


    I'm not quite sure if it's because the lights are "inside" the model, too far away from the ground or what but changing to direct/linear or any kind of mix doesn't really seem to help. The lights themselves aren't even within 16 units of the lamp vertices themselves.

    Any suggestions (other than "use another model")?

    EDIT: Apparently it was because the light was too close to the model. With a distance of 40+ units between the lamp vertices and the base of the spotlight it works.

    If someone knows a way to reduce this distance I'd be extremely happy because it still looks weird.
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    On the model you could set it not to cast shadows. Works well, hardly noticable, it's a wonder light props don't all have the collision mesh stop before the light. Also, maybe the lights are too far to light things up. Set the 50% falloff and 0% falloff distances so that the yellow spheres are intersecting the ground.