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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Ugleh, Oct 1, 2010.

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    Question 1:
    Do Idle map servers work? Ive actually used one and the next day when i played in a real official map once I died i got 8 items.
    But after that i tried again and nothing.

    Question 2:
    I own a server for achievements and I want to switch it to Idle if idle farming works, so is there a special config that id need to use like certain cvars i need to change?
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    Well, there's a cap to item drops that is about 1 item per hour, 7 items a week, +/- random factor. So it's normal that you don't get more items after your 8 drops.
    Also idle servers and maps are now 100% useless. You can idle in a local server if you really want to and it will work just as well. Sadly, not enough people seem to be aware of this.