I WAS really excited to start mapping...

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Oct 2, 2017
As the title says i was really excited, but there has been so many problems i think it would take forever to finally even be able to launch it again. I rather just play tf2 instead of taking a few hours to figure this stuff out. That may be pretty lazy sounding but whatever...

P.S. Thank you for all the people that helped me in my first thread, its nice that people care enough to help.


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Oct 2, 2017
this is pointless now because i found out what to do and it took 1 minuet... im stupid.


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May 12, 2016
Hmmm, I wouldn't say you are stupid, but maybe not spelling minute correctly is...

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Bunker Junker

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Jul 28, 2017
It just takes time and effort to be a map maker, I recommend watching Crash's videos on TF2 map making, as he does a good job teaching how it all works. I do also recommend 3kliksphilip, as he gives some good tips then and there.

But hey I'm not forcing you to stay. :p


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Jul 10, 2017
Try publishing your first map on TFmaps, It's really fun to playtest your own map and others too. But hey whatever floats your boat. You're always welcome come back.