I just need some pointers on my map, help?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by spot_the_spy, Sep 4, 2010.

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    hi, I'm working on a map based on the Dai-Gurren from the show gurren lagann.
    (this thing)

    so I whipped out some graph paper and tried to deconstruct the the ship, into simple geometric shapes. all was going good, really good. then SDK arbitrarily crashed, it screwed up the sword and a bunch of other brushes as well as the most annoying part, misaligned all my brushes from the grid. Is the any way to automatically snap all the points to the grid?

    besides that i still have different ideas on how to use the ship itself, I'm thinking...

    A) as shown in the screenies, ship stuck into cliff face 2 CP's, like dustbowl.

    B) a ctf, wheres there are two ships opposite each other, crossing swords (like a bridge)
    which one sounds better? more entertaining?
    thanks for any help.



    the robot's face and arms will be changed.
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    Well ctf_convoy already has the ctf on 2 moving trains thing going. And personally, I don't care for it (although I also don't care for ctf). I'd say that a/d would be better.