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    Hello all, glad to be here.

    The names MadMonkey, and I like to map. :D
    I've always enjoyed creating custom content for games, specifically maps, and have
    been using Hammer for about 2 years. I'd say im a decent mapper with a
    general understanding of the tools in Hammer, but am looking to improve my skills.

    Here is a map I made for DoD :S a while ago, to give you an idea of what I have made.
    (It's my only map which I've felt was decent enough to share)

    In short: So-so mapper, looking to improve :laugh:
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    Heh, it takes all types. Glad to have you w/ us m8. I can say w/ out a little bit of modesty that our tutorial section is freaking amazing :D You should try doing something for our contest. Anyways, welcome to the group!