How many maps is too many maps?

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by General_Norris, Feb 8, 2010.

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    Because I can't just fill my server with them even if they are awesome!

    Do you think having all the Valve maps is a good idea or would you remove some? I think maps like Junction don't work well with 30 players and we could rather not use them.

    It also seems that there are too amny Payload maps. All the officials plus a couple customs seem to much.

    What do you think about two different versions of the same map? Do you think it would be wise to remove, say, CTF Well and KOTH Sawmill for example?
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    playing and engaging with a lot of gaming communities has given me some insight in to how to keep a stream of users coming. to begin, all of your maps should be well known and often played maps. having customs from the start is bad for attracting players.

    once you get a nice decent userbase, introduce one custom at a time. MAKE SURE YOU USE sv_downloadurl

    Not using a redirect service will certainly kill your user numbers.

    good luck.
  3. lana

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    Again, well known doesn't mean not custom. Feel free to throw in a map like Freight or Frontier that's earned significant popularity.
  4. General_Norris

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    Oh I didn't know about that option. I will tell my clanmates because fast downloads seem important when it comes to maps like Meridian.

    We already have an userbase and they are craving for new maps. The userbase is dropping because of that and because our clan members didn't show up for quite a while.

    Right now I'm going to add

    AD HAARP (Most players already have this one, we had it before)
    AD Avantiville (See above, also being an Avanti Remake seems a good choice)

    PLR Nightfall
    CP Freight
    AD Glacier
    PL Swiftwater

    I don't know how famous those are except for Freight and Swiftwater, those are popular. I think that Nightfall and Glacier will get a nice reception even if they are not as well known.

    Six maps at once seem a lot but since I don't run the server I can't add them one by one.
  5. The Political Gamer

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    pl_fronter is a good server filler.
  6. l3eeron

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    well, I wouldn't say avantiville is a server seeder, but it has been known to not run people off! :)