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Apr 6, 2018
Hold The Flag prefab - A VMF file containing entities useful to make the CTF/KOTH combo gamemode.

This prefab was originally a submission of mine on GameBanana since April the 26th, 2018 according to that site. This map has in its entirety been reposted to TF2Maps.net, and GameBanana will continue to be the prime source of downloads and information regarding the map.

My Hold The Flag prefab (htf-prefab) is a mapping resource for creating a map in the custom gamemode Hold The Flag, a combination of CTF and KOTH. This is a gamemode that hasn't gotten much attention at all, and I hope to fix that with this download.
Read the training_annotations in the prefab for detailed tips about entities and recommended values for respawn wave times and time limits.
Spawns are required to be randomised around the map, but should still have a specific order if the map happens to be symmetric. If the order screws up during compile (found out by adding bots slowly to the map), then you will need to reposition the info_player_teamspawn entries in your .vmf with Notepad.
Finally, the use of math_counters is purposeful to prevent "-0:01" spam and allow for victory checking by the game_round_win entities.

Domination explanation
There is a neutral flag in the middle of the map that activates 30 seconds into a game, and each team has the goal of having possession of the flag for a total of 2 minutes between their players. As soon as the flag is dropped, it becomes neutral again, though it cannot be picked up by the dropping team for a few seconds. After 10 seconds of not being touched, the flag returns to its original position. Spawns are mostly randomised to prevent flag-camping.

Jack5 - Prefab designer


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Mar 20, 2016
There is a reason why this gamemode did not get a lot of attention and it is because the gamemode can not work. What are players fighting for? In other maps they fight to gain control of the certain area. Not just the control point or the check point but the path too. They fight to get past each other, to be at a place where they are useful.

Why are players fighting each other? Death in this gamemode is pretty useless since the only thing that matters is the person who picks up the flag.

Randomized respawn actually makes things worse because the gamemode loses teamwork. How are players supposed to strategically play if they dont know where they’ll spawn? Even if the spawn ‘rotates’ it still means that players will spawn far away from each other. How can medic as a class can be viable? Engineer has no meaning because of this. He has nothing to defend. Defending the player makes no sense and if they want to use engi, the engi will have to set up a nest in corner and the person who is holding the flag need to do absolutely nothing to be guarded by the sentry. This is boring for whoever is holding the flag. If engi is holding the flag, the holding team will just turtle around the nest.

This gamemode creates so many problems and some were already in ctf mode.