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    Heyyy, not really sure how to do one of these. I've been here for about 2 years now and I've not done much, so I decided to finally do one of these.

    My name's Ramsay, but probably best calling me Casterborous or Caster for short. Actually, Betelgeuse was an old steam name of mine, not really sure why. I got crippling social anxiety so I don't socialise well, but I usually find I turn a situation into a pun and suddenly I become friends with people.
    That happens a lot, I do things I need to do by accident.

    Anyway, this is getting a little rambly, so a quick last rundown of me:
    I like guys and gals, I write fiction sometimes, I do really crappy sketchy art, I hardly make maps cos I'm really not great and I like Doctor Who.

    Oh btw I'm a furry byeeeeee!

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDeOLyNiAH6nH2e8ImWUSOQ
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    Hey, 2 years, huh? Is it too late to welcome you? :D
    I'd love to see more stuff from you here! Keep at it!