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    i'm very new and don't know how to navigate on this website. please help i just wanna participate in the summer jam and upload content
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    So, you want to participate in the Jam, ey? Well, there's lots of different things you can do, since anything TF2-related is accepted. This means anything from maps, fanfiction, weapons, hats, music, SFM animations, art, you name it! If you can create it, and make it about TF2, you can do it for the Jam!

    The only qualifier after that is that you have to put effort into it. Every Jam, some people spit something out in less than 5 minutes, and it shows. Then, they immediately post it to the site and think they deserve a medal! I sincerely hope you weren't planning on doing that! If you make a map, keep updating and improving it until the Jam ends! If you make art, don't stop at one piece, and if you do don't stop improving it when it's "good enough"! What ever it is you want to do, Rhys, make it an opus that truly shows your magnum!

    Also, please stick around after the Jam! So many people just make stuff for the Jam and then never come back. Why not keep at it? A Jam is only 72 hours. Imagine what you can make with more than that! So, if you want to make a map, or anything relating to them, for the 72Hr Jam, I highly recommend staying after the Jam ends.
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