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    hello everybody!

    I'm Miguel <meck> and i'm from Portugal.

    I'm glad to join these forums, they look real nice and professional. I saw a link for this community over at game-artist.net and decided to join, also because i bought the orange box and wanna try making some tf2 maps, really liked the art style :)

    As for hammer, i'm giving it a go, never worked with a map editor before but i'm getting the hang of it, it's quite nice. ( i'm still learning how to make them curve walls and wooden shacks :D)

    My goal here is to do some maps, preferably CP's or CTF's with some custom models made by myself. Already saw the tutorials u guys got here and they are pretty awesome compared with what i saw on other websites.

    See you around in the forums!

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    Welcome, drop by the chat if you have questions or want to talk design