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    since I'm already spamming the WIP forum I sincerely apologize that I haven't introduced myself earlier.

    I'm currently studying IT in Kiel (Germany) and I'm working part-time as a Web-Developer, so if anyone has a question in that area feel free to PM me. Have a look at my website if you like http://www.7-sins.de/sebbo/ (though its still only in german, but hey it looks nice ^^)

    As for my TF2 Skills: I'm very good as Demoman, but usually I just play for fun and I really suck as Spy.

    Be sure to check out my map cp_venice in the WIP forum.

    Finally I would like to praise this website. Long life TF2Maps.

    P.S.: Don't worry I already slapped myself for that one. No seriously, great job guys!
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    hello, welcome, enjoy...

    GL on venice! :)