Help with texturing in Blender/GIMP?

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    Basically what the title says. I've been messing around with Blender for a few days now, and although i've had some troubles with detailed modeling (for weapons and such) I find that my biggest problem is getting my textures to resemble the TF2 artstyle. For instance, recently I was making a texture for a farm equipment model, and I was trying to get the rust and general wear n' tear on it similar to those pieces of equipment on granary 2nd. However, i'm having alot of trouble making anything that doesn't look like just a splash of brown on a blue background. I don't have any problems with exporting, just making the textures; I currently use GIMP 2.6 . Any tips to help me make these textures?

    (p.s. any tips for modeling in general would be greatly appreciated :) )
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