Help needed with train.

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    I want to make a train that goes across a bridge,
    The train is not going to be ride-able for players, it's just going to pass by. You have maybe seen it on these maps: "Thunder mountain", "Mvm_Mannhattan" and "Chinatown (I don't remember the name"
    I've got the prop that I wan't to use but I don't know how to make it move, I just want it to go from one point to another at random time.

    Please help c:
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    If you're trying to recreate something you've seen in an existing map, decompiling it to take a look and see how it was done in the vmf is always a good idea.

    Anyway, you probably want to use the func_tracktrain entity to make the the magic happen. If you look it up on google you should be able to find lots of good tutorials on how to use it.

    As far as making it show up at random intervals, you can use a logic_timer for that.