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    Is there anyway to extract the default tf2 textures? For a map I'm working on, I want to modify some existing textures.

    In hammer, under in search textures area, there is a option to open source, but it seems unable to work for me (probably steampipe).

    GCF scape has updated to now unzip vpks, but when I try to unzip any of tf's textures files (program\steam\steamapps\common\teamfortress 2\tf\tf2_texture_0XX) I get an error, usually "file empty/no data found" or something about I lacking permissions to open. Any one know how to open it or where the textures are?

    An example of the textures I want to change: concrete/concretewall013b
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    The "open source" button is supposed to open the .vmt file and not the .vtf file, so it wouldn't be really useful for what you want to do anyway.

    To extract a texture, you need to open tf2_textures_dir.vpk (with GCFScape for example), I guess this vpk contains the link to every textures while other vpk (tf2_texture_0XX) contains the data for them.
    So yeah, you'll have the "concrete" folder in the tf2_textures_dir.vpk file, and you'll just have to extract whatever texture you want. (which will be a .vtf)
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    Also, the "Open source" button is only for custom textures.
    Don't blame steamPipe this time.