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    Hi My name is Roberto. I like Tf2 and I would like to make maps for it, thus here I am. I am almost a complete noob when it comes to map making and hope to evolve my mapping by learning from this site. Thanks for having me.
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    Welcome, fellow noob! >_<
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    Hi welcome to TF2Maps, we hope you enjoy your stay. The cafe is just down the hall, first door on your left. We serve free breakfast from 6 am to 11 am. Biscuits are available only on Tuesdays. Make sure to join our steam group (you can find it on the homepage of the site) and hang out in the steam group chat with all the cool kids. Also, I'll take some time to explain some vocabulary we use around here, specifically for map play test sessions. "Gamedays" are scheduled map test sessions where when you see a thread for one, you can submit a map to it and have it tested. "Imps" or "impromptus" are unscheduled map test sessions, where we take maps added to the bot list in the steam group hat. Gamedays usually happen 2 or 3 times a week, whilst imps usually happen about once everyday. I both types, people will give feedback using our handy dandy feedback plugin. Demos are also recorded, so you can watch how people played on your map, as well as listen to what people said on the mic. The feedback page can be found at the top of the site, with the word "Feedback". I hope this helps you get in on all the cool stuff goin on in this community!
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    Welcome to the forums Roberto!

    Here you have some pages you'll find useful

    [Video Tutorials] How to Make TF2 Maps - Malachite already gave you a link to Crash's YT channel but screw it, he's still Crash.
    Readme 1st: Common TF2 mapping mistakes and how to fix them - You should avoid doing these whenever you can
    Team Fortess 2 Level Creation - This is kind of a wiki of TF2 level design/making. You don't know what an entitty does? Look it up here!

    And you should be getting this. It will make your new mapping life a lot easier!