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    :confused: I'm kinda confused, as I want to make a map, but I don't know how.

    Anywho, hello! I am andrewthecomedian483, other known as "MC Abre". (You say Abre as Ab-ray, and you roll the r.) I am currently F2P (and proud) and I really want to make some maps to help my (and others!!!) skills, but I don't really know how to make a map and I have so many applications on my computer, it's really slow, so every time I play Spy (MY MOST FAVOURITE CLASS!!!), I can't backstab people (Yes, my computer is that slow.) but I headshot pretty much everyone. My first reason to coming here was for a Training map called Walkway, which I liked very much and still use it to this day. A day later, bam. Here I am, waiting to find out how you make a bloomin' map! :lol:
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    Welcome, Abre.

    The way I learned how to map was through YouTube tutorial videos. TopHattWaffle has lots of videos, he's very good.