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    Hey guys! I'm Jesterful. It's nice to meet you all.

    I'm 19 and was introduced to TF2 around the time the Orange Box first released. I was 9 at the time and loved the hell out of playing on Xbox Live when I was spending the Summer at my cousin's home. I wasnt able to really get into TF2 until a few years later though.

    I've been playing TF2 for about 6-ish years now and I've always loved the game. During those 6 years TF2 and I had an off and on relationship, where I recently picked it up again. I missed the community and the fun the game provided for me.

    While I wasnt playing TF2, I was focused mainly on my performing arts, stuff like band, marching band, choir, and musical theater eventually. But after graduating from High School I lost those creative outlets.

    After watching Crash's tutorials over the past few days I think mapping might be that creative outlet I've been hoping to find.

    I'm a little overwhelmed with hammer and the whole process behind it all right now, but I think I'll be able to figure stuff out eventually.

    Thanks for reading, I'm looking forward to learning and participating with the community as much as I can.
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    Welcome!! Hope you enjoy your time here!
    Don't worry, there's always beginners joining, there are plenty of resources to help you out if you should find yourself stuck.
    Looking forward to seeing what you make!
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    Don't worry, Hammer is really easy to pick up. If you have a creative passion for architecture, and building, Hammer can be an extremely powerful tool!
    And if you DO in fact have some problems, (I've had plenty) don't be afraid to reach out to the community, everyone here has a knack for problem-solving, and will try to send you on your merry way as soon as possible. Welcome to the community!!
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