Hello, my name is NOVA. but please call me Leon

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    My name is NOVA, though you may refer to my real name: Leon
    I am a European Tf2 player whose nation he prefers to be unkown, people tend to judge you by your nation nowadays and is is that important? no. all that matters is that you are unique! (and not being a dick of course)

    I am a 16 year old guy, altough i don't really feel 16.
    With a huge love for Tf2, mostly because its so unique and different from many other FPS's (not to mention the hats of course)
    My favourite class is the Engineer, my favourite cosmetic items are: The federal case maker and the Dangresque.
    My favourite community map is koth_trainsawlaser, and my favourite official map is 2Fort.
    My favourite weapon is the Original.
    I also prefer to be in the attacking team in game modes like payload or attack / defence
    My first hammer error was that i without intention changed a spawnroom wall to a trigger.
    I also can't stand source ladders BTW

    I have played Tf2 since march 22 2015 (according to my mercenary)
    And as off the moment this got posted, i have 1571 Hours (no resets)
    Ever since it became my favourite all-time game, (even surpassing minecraft which i used to play before tf2)
    My first interest was not in map making though as i was kind of a newb.

    As i discovered more and more about the community submitting their self-made stuff to the workshop from new hats, to new unusual effects.

    My interest for making maps sparkled when i discovered KOTH_TRAINSAWLASER which you may know since its likely the most famous joke map out there, i had so much fun that i thought "Man i wish i could do that"

    Then i found Crash's mapping tutorial (featured on the Tf2 blog) for a while i had it stored behind in my mind
    Later i started following the tutorial but soon i kinda forgot about it, later however my interest returned.

    I am currently a huge NEWB in map making though, what im doing right now and basicly messing around with layouts, etc. I dont want to overwhelm myselves.
    (I am now experimenting with koth_progresso, progresso is portuguese for progress, its possible that you will see many language references like this one)

    For any questions or other things such as tips or something, feel free to comment.

    Thank you for actually reading this XD
    ~Leon .D
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    Hello and welcome to TF2MAPS!
    Be sure to read the tutorials on the tutorials and resources subforum. Have fun mapping!