Hello, my name is Aron Times...

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Aron Times

L1: Registered
Jun 20, 2016
...and I play TF2.

I came to the forums because one of the maps being playtested in your Frankurt server was for a "6s mapmaking contest." I found the relevant thread in your contests forum.

I usually join your servers whenever Crash announces a playtest on Twitter. However, he doesn't do playtests that often, so I figured I might jump in and help whoever needs map feedback.

I was the Grumpy Old Mann of /r/tf2/, but am on self-imposed exile from Reddit.

When it comes to playtesting, I focus on doing the objectives and winning to the best of my ability. I especially like placing level 1 sentries in random spots to catch people, especially jumpers, off guard.


L2: Junior Member
May 19, 2016
Well, hello there.