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    Greetings, I've been surfing around the site for awhile and figured it's finally time to introduce myself. I'm an art student studying game development and while I'm not new to digital art, mapping is a new area of creative exploration for me. My current experience involves flash games, 2d games with the gamemaker engine and some 3d "games"/exercises with torque. I do have some 3d texturing / uv mapping experience as well as modeling in maya. So anyways I started my first TF2 map a few weeks ago and I guess I'll have to post some pics in a little while. I won't be answering any questions anytime soon but I will be asking some so thanks in advance.:D
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    *british woman sing songy voice* Hellowwww!

    I need to work on my Flash game dev skills. Best I've done was a Choose Your Own Text Adventure.
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    Jack of all trades =p I'm very good with Photoshop. I've yet to do any custom texture's however but can't wait to try it =) Welcome!. As for questions go you should hang out in the tf2mappers steam chat room !