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    I'm a moderately experienced mapper with experience in a few different aspects of the source engine. I assumed that TF2 level design would be much easier than that of CS:GO; however, the entity work is headache-inducing (although, thanks to A Boojum Snark for making things a bit easier). What level design flaws should I avoid; or, in general, what should I do and not do to get my maps in a fun, attractive state?
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    Hi welcome to TF2Maps, we hope you enjoy it around here! Feel free to browse, reply, and create threads, and also hang out in the TF2Maps Steam group chat (thats where all the cool kids hang out). For mapping tips... try not to take all of the feedback so personally. Also don't rush your maps, have patience, and don't worry about failure around here. No one will like you less if a map of your's is not super great. I'm betting you know this cause you are somewhat experienced, but just know everyone here is here to help you, and everyone aims to be as nice as possible :)
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    Make sure there is something for every class and no classes are overpowered or underpowered. Depending on the map, be sure to have everything relevant and laid out. Could a person playing the map for the first time understand the maps objectives? One last thing, be sure to watch Crash since he makes pretty good videos. You can learn a bunch from them.
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    Welcome to unknown depths of TF2 Mapping