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    I'm a fairly recent member; I figured i'd go ahead and make a post here since it seemed like the thing to do.

    I'm 23 and have a certain... Passion for mapping; i've made maps and mods for different games for a -very- longtime; since 2006, infact. Warcraft III maps and Neverwinter Nights modules, mostly.
    I'm fairly recent to making Source maps (Though -- I have been messing around with SDK for a while; so i've picked up a few things, even though I never took any of the few projects i've worked on very seriously.)
    Though recently; one or two weeks ago, infact -- I started my first ever MvM map. I loved it; the map grew and grew and hosting it on my (listen) server yielded some fantastic feedback and some very kind compliments; which made the map grow even more.
    With that said, I hope to release it within the next week on this site; I'm quite excited.

    Anywho, with that discussed; I also hope to help a few people with what little bit of knowledge I picked up of the Hammer Editor; it's surprisingly difficult to find help for a beginner who doesn't know where to look; I used to carve before I started MvM_Ironworks... I never looked back when I swapped to clipping tool.

    Anywho; I suppose that's enough of my rambling, thanks for taking the time to listen, have a great day! (Well... Night.)
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