HEEELP! Koth-ctf hybrid????

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Githong, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Okay, basically, I had an idea. Someone probably thought of it before but this forum is so big that I couldn't find it.
    The idea is a King of the hill map, but with a flag in it. For instance, the red team would capture the point, then whoever was in control of the point would then be able to capture the other person's flag.
    I knew that all that programming would be far to much for me cause i am kindda new...;) I started playing around with the idea of a door to the flag room unlocking when the point was captured.... I'm still stuck though
    Someone please help???!!!
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    I imagine that you'd have to use a ctf setup as that would dictate the actual scoring, but with a manually set up control point. Once the point is capped by one team it can send an enable command to the enemy intel allowing it to be picked up.

    You might run into some sticky territory if the point is capped whilst the flag is being carried though.
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    In ctf_spring I tried a system where it was CTF but a central point triggered different doors to operate. AFAIK it's certainly possible to make it so that the point controls (A) whether you can reach the enemy intel (B) whether the "capture zone" is enabled so that you can finish the capture.

    While it was possible to put the HUD into a hybrid mode, (so you could see flag locations and cap-point status) the biggest problem was that it no longer displayed how many times the intel had been taken by either team, so I had to fake it with some counters and a pseudo-hud display.

    I could possibly take the map and make a "demo prefab"...