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    We can now do fancy pants heatmaps for your map if it's played on the server in my signature, such as:

    It will require some pre-demand setup (overview screenshot and coords), but it is available now. Contact either me or MrAlBobo to set something up if you're interested.

    We're also running the sourceTV thing, so if you would like that for the playtesting of your map, that can be arranged as well.
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    Personally, i think meridian was a better example, more data, but meh

    So...after preparing a few heatmaps...let me just say its not something i intend to setup completely for everyone, im thinking any map that reaches 3000 kills ill prepare a heatmap for. I would really prefer if you can get your own info and send it to me, will really speed up the process.

    If you want to submit heatmap info this is a useful guide for getting the screenshot and coordinates http://www.psychostats.com/doc/Heatmap_Setup
    Regarding the image you can send it to me as just as it is from the screenshot, or you can crop it and remove the green that sometimes replaces the black, and desaturate as well if you want to make it easy for me.

    And with the coords, its important that the ends of the map according to the screenshot are where you get the coords from. With the getpos command the 1st number is the x, the 2nd is the y.
    if at all possible id prefer the coords submitted it the format of minx=number and round the numbers to the nearest whole number.

    Right now the only notable custom heatmaps are meridian and stovepipe, yukon probably has enough data to produce a decent heatmap. Generally speaking at 1000 kills you get decent results, and 3000 up the data starts to get very accurate.

    Heres the map list if anyone is interested http://www.customgamers.org/stats/maps.php
    bear in mind i have not made heatmaps for everything

    Halfacre is going to be the 1st map with full access to all the new data, as per the event tomorrow http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=6225
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