Hampshire Heavies New Map Night - Sun 2nd Jan from 7 GMT

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    I'm a member of the Hampshire Heavies, a European TF2 community. We're doing a weekly playtest event of WIP maps every Sunday around 7pm GMT - 9pm GMT on our server. Our server's IP is: hh5.thehh.co.uk:27055

    We play with 24 players, nocrits, and alltalk on so people can discuss the map.

    Couple basic requirements the map must meet:
    1. No fullbright - it has to have some lighting, though it doesn't have to be great.
    2. No leaks or big optimization problems
    3. Must be a 'proper' map that 16 - 24 players can enjoy in standard TF2 settings.

    It doesn't need to be fully textured or have all the displacements in place or anything like that, just so long as it's playable.

    After the playtest we'll post a bunch of feedback on our forums to help you make improvements. We'll also provide you with a SourceTV demo of your playtest.

    Post your WIP maps in the thread and I'll send you a PM if we're interested. :)
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    Hello Sam

    screen changes b9

    download (b9)

    changelog b9
    *Reduced spawntime for the attackers on cp1
    *Made cp2 roof accessible (copied the red cp2 roof to blu)
    *Opened up a window square above the main gates into base
    *added detail
    *some more clipping fixes
    *found a description tag

    Just submitting bazillion again, i'll probably be able to play this time. I hope it's not a problem submitting it 2 weeks in a row.
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