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    Hey guys, I have already made a few posts here, but now i want to properly introduce myself:

    Im' 23, German and study economics in switzerland. I managed to convert my girlfriend to tf2 and want to make her a payload map for her birthday in a few months :)
    I used to map horribly for the classic UT ( 2 maps that were basically just random rooms slapped together) and then I started mapping a little for hl and cs 1.5 where I once made a map for a LAN party that was requested and i finished it in 3 hours :) it was basically a room where the floor is a door with tons of spikes attached to it to hide behind and when you jumped through a certain spot in the wall you could trigger the door and everybody would fall to their deaths in a pit :D and then i made a two fort style map but with hostages for the cts to free.

    basically everything was horribly designed and just generally awful, was fun playing that on lans though.

    then came nothing for a looooooooooooong while where i forgot everything and now i just recently took up hammer again and after scrapping my first map for being leaky and annoying to work with I started on a single stage payload map that i will hopefully have blocked out in a week or two and then hopefully hopefully will get included for a gameday!

    that's it for me, I already learned tons of stuff here and really enjoy the steam chat, so i hope you guys don't mind me hanging around here for a bit more :)
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    Click the image to get more info about mapping! [​IMG]

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