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CP Gunforce planning

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Former cheese man Gorgonzola
Feb 18, 2012
Gunforce - The reimagining of cp_mlj_72_3.

Thread to motivate myself

The reimagining of cp_mlj_72_3.
Steel/gravelpit hybrid.
For the contest.
When either A or B is captured, C is unlocked and BLU gains a new path towards C.
Players can now choose between increasing their chances by capturing the remaining A/B or going straight for C.
In short, there will always be two CP's in play, until both A and B is captured.
When both A and B is captured, a direct, short path leading to C will be open for BLU, which allows them to quickly rotate between the routes and prevents the BLU team from spreading out too much.

Rotating between points will also be easier for RED meaning Iron Man defenses (defending both A + B) is more viable.

Might scrap this concept, if I come up with something more original.
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