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    So my map is nearing the phase where Alias can finally get to work and make awesome waves for it :)
    All I have to do, is compile and test.

    However, for the detailing, I have a question. My map take splace in some ruins in a jungle in daylight. I'd like to give that typical slightly green haze you typically find in a jungle environement. Kinda like here
    or here (maybe not that intensely green, but at least a hint of greenish haze)
    Is this one could accomplish by using Color Correction (if that entity even exists in TF2), or is tweaking the fog to look green a better option?
    Or maybe both?
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    Yeah you can use an env_fog_controller for that.

    What you can also do is make multiple fog controllers. One for inside (do you have an inside?) and one for outside (where the fog is?). You can then make a large trigger_multiple around the whole inside area with the outputs of:
    OnStartTouch !activator SetFogController indoorfog
    OnEndTouch !activator SetFogController outdoorfog

    So you can control which fog is set for that person (so indoors it isn't all green). Setting the env_fog_controller's interpolate time will set the fade time of how long it takes to fade into and out of that fog setting.

    If you really wanted to, you could use the color_correction entity, tophattwaffle has a tutorial on that here.
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