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    let's all take things, put them through google translate, and paste funny results.
    here's the danny phantom theme song
    (Where my friend Danny Phantom)

    IO, Danny Fenton he was only ten
    When his parents built a very strange machine at
    This program was designed to see the unseen world

    (I Danny Phantom, and that they will catch them all)

    If this does not work, your people, do not stop
    Then look within her religion
    There is one big flash everything changed
    All molecules have been renovated

    (Phantom ghost)

    When she woke up, I realized that the first time,
    Said he felt bright green white
    He walked through a wall and can disappear
    Compared with the rest of the players much more significant

    And he knows what to do,
    He had to stop life are Commin
    He was my battle for you!

    Danny Phantom, because they do not hold all said
    Danny Phantom, and catch them all
    (Danny Phantom) Catch them all