Gold texture found in goldrush HELP!

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    So I'm making a map where there's a big pile of gold at the end of the level as a sort of prize for blu capping all the points. The only problem is that i can't get the gold to work. I checked on decompiled goldrush and the gold texture is called goldground0001 but when i compile my map (fully not with any fast options) it's not golden!!! I put cubemap and built them with all the steps (mat_specular 0, buildcubemaps, disconnect, loaded different map, back to map) but it's no help!:huh: Can someone please help me out.

    *FIXED* Solved my Problem! it was just a problem hammer or source sdk. I refreshed sdk content and then it started working (not too sure why). So maybe someone could make a tutorial on how to make some nice gold for maps! I made mine a giant pile with that texture goldground0001 and a cubemap attached to it. *
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