GN BBall Tournament Finals

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    Finally down to the two best teams in the tournament! These guys have led the way from square 1. Will Beauty and the Beast be able to avenge their only loss to Brb, coconuts? Or will wonderland's absence be too much to take? To find out tune in on Sunday May 16, 8:30PM EST.

    Just as last time, you'll be able to stream it live from

    Relay info is:

    Beauty and the Beast (BEEF and Sniper) vs. Brb, coconuts (TLR & ww)

    You can check out the current situation in the bracket here and I've also attached it below.

    If Beauty and the Beast do manage to get a win, they're going to force a second decisive game. Remember, this tournament is double elimination, and Brb, coconuts have yet to be defeated.