Gluing wall back together?

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    Ever since i have started mapping i have used the clipping tool to cut a wall up, and then delete one piece in order to make a doorway.
    I just discovered the Carve (Ctrl-Shift-C) feature, which i am now using.
    However, Everything i put a hole into has been cut up into many pieces, is there any way to glue them back together? i looked through the menus and keyboard shortcuts.
    I would hate to have to delete everything with a hole and remake it, and the current chopped up state is horrible
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    Clipping tool is usually the favoured method over Carve around here. Carve is usually okay for basic rectangles, like doorways, but the clipping tool gives you precision on where the cuts happen, while carve does not.

    Just don't use carve for anything more complicated!

    To answer your question, there is no way to glue walls back together. The Source engine requires that brushes(blocks) be convex only, to make a hole, you have to make 4 brushes around it.

    You can do it effectively by grouping the newly sliced brushes using Control-G, which will allow you to select them as one, but you can't make them a single brush again.
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