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  1. Leminnes

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    Prepare yourself for my very first map!

    Glug is a midsized map that can be played in either KoTH or CTF mode. It takes place in an alpine setting, in a mountain river valley. I am unsure what the "backstory" will be as of now, although I'll eventually think of something.

    The map centers on a small lake with a smaller building in the center (which is what I have to decide is so special about it that red and blue want it.)

    It has two tall towers which can be scaled to a mid area above the CP and can also be rocket or sticky jumped to the roof. Ideally, the main combat will take place on the platforms above the CP, with minimal use of the water if possible (although that might be wishful thinking.)

    Each team also has a spawn building, a tall cube (at the moment) that has essentially 4 main sections. The intel area (below), the spawn area (above), a sniper perch (above), and a main entrance/exit (below.) The intel area is easily accessible from all 3 other areas, but it is only able to be exited by 2 (3 if soldier or demoman) spots: an exit only door and a underwater/river exit.

    The river is also easily accessible to the spawn; a door and a platform fall into the river below. The river is also only visible from this perch.


    The map is available in both KoTH and CTF modes.

    KoTH: The main CP is on the center island, enclosed by a wall-less (but not without a ceiling) room. It's fairly straight forward, but snipers are given many perches that can see across the map and spies have many hidden ways to get behind enemy lines.

    : The flags are in the farthest rooms of each spawn area. The intel rooms can be normally entered by 2 means: the front door and the river. However, Demomen and soldiers can also enter from a skylight if they rocket/sticky jump from the tall tower. It is also only able to be exited normally from 2 areas: the river and an exit-only door. Again, Soldiers and Demomen have an extra exit where they can sticky/rocket jump to the roof to escape.


    This is still in big-time alpha. I am primarily posting this to get some general feedback on how it can be played. I have yet to fully optimize it or fully flesh out the details. However, it SHOULD still be playable. I'll attempt to update it daily as I optimize it and add details.

    Thanks for taking a look. :)



    PS. If anyone would like to help me with optimization of this beast, I'd greatly appreciate it. :p
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  2. Firest0rm

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    floating platforms=bad
    the red intel room looks too bright, but that's just my opinion
    in the fifth picture, light is leaking through that displacement cliff that looks weird in the first place
    in the fourth picture the trees seem unnaturally dark
    it also looks impossible to optimize, although i might be misinterpreting the screenshots
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  3. Snacks

    Snacks TODO: Clever title

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    spawn door different sizes between red and blue spawns

    red spawn door triggers open both doors

    spawn doors not filtered

    no respawn visualizer

    floating platforms?

    ramps in towers that you can't get on without jumping

    wtf is this texture in bluespawn

    pointless area off room under spawn

    bad choice for water

    there is no playerclipping in this map
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  4. Leminnes

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    Do you suggest I just remove the floating platforms or make them have ramps up to them? Also, a few of them will turn into extended roofs and such eventually (making them less floatastic.)

    I was also having a hard time making the cliff walls look correct and it's especially difficult with how high the level goes. I'm assuming that's what you mean when you say impossible to optimize.

    All things I plan on fixing. Most of the textures are placeholders until I'm sure what the styles are going to be. The ramp I'll get to fixing asap. The area off the spawn isn't (or shouldn't be) useless. Soldiers and demomen should be able to rocket jump to the roof. if not, I'll make a platform for them to jump onto.

    What water do you suggest?

    Clipping is being worked on currently.

    "spawn doors not filtered

    no respawn visualizer"

    These two I am unsure what you mean. :/
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  5. absurdistof

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    Even though Tf2 it'self isn't a realistic game, that doesn't mean you should just drop any realism whatsoever. Whatever is in your map should be structurally sound, for the most part, that is.
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  6. Leminnes

    aa Leminnes

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    The floating platforms are placeholders, if that is what you mean.

    Also, thanks for the input, guys. :p This is my very first map, so I'm learning a lot along the way.
  7. Bermuda Cake

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    The outsides are good, but the buildings themselves, as said before me, are unrealistic. Try building them into the cliffs
  8. lana

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    If they were placeholder they'd have supports, considering large solid beams would change gameplay at some point.
  9. The Whole Team

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    Things noticed on quick-run through (koth_glug_a8):

    The ramps in the tower leading to the capture point have two problems: One they're not attached to anything making me have to jump to get on them. Second they're too skinny. You can get stuck on the floor above the ramp.

    Also, you die in the spawn room when attempting to change classes. This is an easy fix. Just make a block around the spawn room with the tools/toolstrigger texture, when it's made hit ctrl+t and set its class to func_spawnroom. Then just set the team to whoever's in that spawnroom.

    By crouching of this ledge...
    the sniper is protected from pretty much everything but spies and other snipers and can headshot enemy players as they walk out of the spawn.

    Blue/Red players can in each others spawns (the doors open for the other team and everything) and can you the spawns resupply cabinet.

    Both red doors open at the same time.

    This door isn't all the way in the wood. It sticks out a bit.

    I escape the confines of your map!!!!
    But then I got stuck on the fringes of space.... :(

    This cliff is way too stretched (up and down).

    Random assorted graphic bugs and such.
    Floating Tree
    Tree Sticking Through Wall
    Tree Sticking Through Wall #2
    Floor WAY too shiny

    Also, floating platforms are bad (as others have said) and the lack of health packs makes heavy, medic, and soldier sad :(. Lack of metal makes engineer sad :(
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  10. Leminnes

    aa Leminnes

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    Thank you, good sir. I am in the process of fixing all these things. I'll update as soon as possible (tomorrow perhaps.)
  11. Leminnes

    aa Leminnes

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    Updated to Koth_Glug_a11.

    There's still plenty of things that need to be done.

    1. Crane needs to connect with floating platform. Not sure how to do that yet.
    2. Side with crane and waterfall needs to be made more realistic. Bit weird looking right now.
    3. Most clipping still needs to be done.
    4. Optimization needs to be done.
    5. Detailing of caves, towers, spawn areas/buildings, CP area.
    6. Remove the second unusable health cabinet.
    7. Fix some displacements not lining up and light leaking through some displacements.
    8. Lighting.

    Most of these should be fixed soonish.

    Edit: Added new screenshots.
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  12. Leminnes

    aa Leminnes

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    Koth_Glug_a12 is released:

    It should be mostly playable now. Much more than before. I'm entering the detailing and optimizing phase so I should update, oh, next month or so. :p

    Edit: It also seems as though it won't let me update the screens. I keep getting an error. >:|
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  13. eyefork

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    I have yet to play this map, but I love the name and envy you because of it.
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