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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by GeckoCare, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. GeckoCare

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    I'm new to this site, most can probably tell, so I'm not sure how you are supposed to upload maps, but I just uploaded a .zip as a file attachment; so just download the attached file. Sorry if I did anything wrong.
    If someone could kindly tell me how to do this the right way, your help would be much appreciated, ty.
  2. absurdistof

    aa absurdistof

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    You can always look at other posts as an example. You map should not be in fullbright (no lights), and has a half life skybox (set it to tf_day_01 for starters [thats a tf2 skybox]). Judging from the screenshots the map looks like it coul use a bit of a layout revamp as the general map looks pretty plain and predictable.
  3. YM

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    Please change the map thumbnail to one that actually represents the map.
  4. Seba

    aa Seba DR. BIG FUCKER, PHD

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    Here's some tips on improving:
    1) Use TF2 textures (type tf in the keyword box in the texture browser); HL2 ones are horrible to use for this game
    2) Add lights; even simple ones like teeny lightbulbs in spawns get rid of fullbright (just remember to add lighting to all inside areas)
    3) Buildcubemaps - I trust you've place env_cubemaps in your map, but that doesn't do the job by itself. You have to make a server with your map then type the following in the console:
    This will remove those ugly pink-and-black checkerboard textures from your map.
  5. Exist

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    full bright! it burns.
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