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    Hey guys!

    Love the site. It's full of very friendly people and helpful articles, which is credit to team! Also, I love the site theme - nice and clean and very TF2.

    I'm what I would call a part-time mapper. I've been doing it as long as I've known it was possible, yet I've never really ended up releasing a map.

    I started with good ol' Duke Nukem 3D, where I mapped my bedroom in high detail (for a 2.5D engine) including animated computer screen, sliding wardrobe and stripper on the bed!

    Since then I've enjoyed mapping for quake, unreal, halflife, UT, counterstrike, and cod4. It's hard to pick my favorite editor - I fell in love with radiant when working with cod4 with it's amazing brush editing tools. UnrealEd was amazingly powerful for it's time, but I always end up falling back to worldcraft/hammer. I've just had to learn to press ctrl+s every few seconds!

    So I've got the mapping bug once again, this time it's with TF2. I resisted for a long time because I thought the TF2 style was too difficult to work with. I think I've got the hang of it now, though. Here's where I'm up to so far after a few days:


    (Those logs have a nice wavey bobbing effect that I'll post a tutorial for if anyone's interested).

    I've got the interior layout of the sawmill dev'd, including fully textured and operating red spawn room, final capture point C, and 2 working sawblades. The rest of the map is on paper, and my next job will be to orange it all up so I can tweak the gameplay. I look forward to getting to a point where I can post a WIP thread.

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    Wow thats looking good! Oh and welcome! :D
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    Wow you're a leet mapper already! Oh and welcome! :D