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    If anyone's ever played a Half-Life mod called Science and Industry before, this concept may sound familiar to you...

    I've had this idea knocking around my head for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately due to having a job and working on another map at the time, I've not been able to do any testing to see how feasible it would be with the TF2 engine and rules system.

    So here's the basic description of the game mode:
    Both teams have a base in which they can have up to 6 pieces of intelligence at a time. The round starts with each team having 3 pieces of intelligence.

    The teams must assault the enemy base and attempt to steal an enemy briefcase, and then bring it back to their own base to add to their own total.
    Each briefcase held by a team contributes to a total "research" score.
    The first team to a certain score wins the round... -or-... The team with the highest score after X duration wins the round.

    At first glance, this may seem like an uneccessary adjustment to the simple, elegant, most basic form of CTF, but there are a variety of gameplay aspects that cause the two styles to differ:
    • As a team gains more intelligence, the opposition can afford to become more aggressive, as they have less to defend in their own base, creating a very dynamic feel for the players.
    • When a team reaches a certain score, it could trigger an "expansion" event, unlocking further areas of their base, giving the losing team extra infiltration options and a better chance of retaking lost intel. (Subject to level design)
    • Intelligence could be dropped off and spread across a set of locations in the base, so as to keep attackers guessing - although this could thin out the defenses at the same time.

    Questions and Possible Issues
    • I've read that multiple briefcases can be placed in a map, but bugs occur if a player takes more than one at a time. To counter this, the map could have a delay on releasing each briefcase, either enabling the next briefcase upon capture of the current one, or after a certain amount of time after the first case is taken (although this may still cause problems if the current carrier takes a second case). The problem is, with only one briefcase in play at a time, it may seem a little too much like traditional CTF.
    • Keeping track of the scores without a GUI reference may be tricky. I've seen morganimal has created a scoreboard example which could be of use in this style of map, but this would only be viewable at certain points of the map.
    • Somewhat related to the gameplay, but more of a personal curiosity: Is if possible to trigger a player to be unable to use their weapons, like what happens when a team loses a game round? This could apply to the intelligence carrier to give teammates more incentive to protect him (or it could just be annoying).

    I'd love to see about implementing this in an actual map, but as I said before, time is against me and my hobbies these days.
    Feel free to post your comments, criticisms or suggestions on how this concept can be improved.
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    Believe it or not, the type of game play you are suggesting already exists; I recall someone saying that the bug w/ multiple flags has been corrected, but I haven't tested this yet. I'm using the scoreboard in my current map, and it's really freaking awesome, lol. As for removing the weapons of the flag carrier, you can kindof do this. I am pretty sure the function is a brush-based entity; trigger_weapon_strip. You could even parent it to the intel.

    The problem is that weapons can be re-added in a number of ways. There are console commands, server over-rides, and I think resupply lockers will do it too. All in all, this is definitely possible, but would require a huge amount of work on your part. Especially designing and balancing unlockable areas. Still, I think this would be a really great project. Maybe a collab? Anyways, hope this helps. Good luck m8!
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    There are indeed a few common elements with the Domination mode, such as the gradual scoring and the defense/assault dynamic, but in my opinion, the game styles remain different enough to be considered another mode.

    While Domination has a more roaming, free feel to its gameplay, my idea (not though of a decent name yet, any ideas?) is closer to the CTF style of assaulting a base, yet not having the opportunity to completely take the position from the enemy. This makes it more forgiving and gives the losing team a greater chance to coordinate and get some points before being crushed.

    I do hope what you heard is true re: the multiple intelligence bug, that would make the mode a lot more fun, to allow multiple pickups in one go. I shall have to play around with testing this later on and see.

    PS. A few (terrible) name ideas I've had:
    Hoard (since the objective is to collect as much intel as possible)
    Research / Research Race (First team to reach the research target wins)
    Acquisition (You need to "acquire" the oppositions intel to gain the lead)
    Steal Intel (A simple [read: poor] name that uses the SI initials of the mode's inspiration)
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    sounds like the old flagrun map from TFC....

    maybe you could call the mode "flagrunner" or something.

    Personally, I think it sounds like huge fun. But, I would be weary, only because the general TF2 public these days don't want to spend time learning how to play a map/gamemode. They want to point/shoot repeat. Example, everyone whined about steel everytime it came up on the customs rotation. Now that everyone knows how to play it, it's kinda popular. But it took valve to release it officially, otherwise, it was too complicated .

    Anyways, if you get it working, I would keep the layout kinda simple. The last thing you want is people running around your map going "WTF am I supposed do to?"
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    l3eeron: Unfortunately I've never really played any TFC, since nobody in my local community ever bothered with it and my Internet access was extremely limited when it was big. I'll check out the map though, thanks. I'll also keep in mind your advice about simplicity.

    Just a little progress update: I threw together a simple map with multiple intels for each team and as Immortal-D stated above, there is no longer a bug with carrying more than one at a time. Next thing on the agenda is a scoring system and maybe an unlocking trigger setup tied in with it. My net access at home is a bit flakey at the moment so this may take a while to research and work out.