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    Found this on SteamForums, original here

    Basically how it works is that the person who can provide a screenshot of what the previous poster wants, he can make the next request.
    An example would be me requesting a soldier rocket jumping away. If somebody can provide a killcam (it has to be killcam) picture of it, they can decide what they want to see in the next one, and so forth.

    1) Have to be killcam shots. Those that are not, are invalid.
    2) You have to clearly see what is happening
    3) Do not make insane requests. Like two scouts firing the FaN at the same time with a Spy backstabbing one of them, while another Spy is backstabbing him. Be creative, not demanding.
    4) Try to be specific when requesting
    5) Requester must make two requests, a primary and secondary. Whoever gets the primary within a day, wins and makes the new request. After that, it's fair game.


    1- Spycrab
    2- Three players using the same class